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Christmas Traditions In Asia

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Ev’rywhere you go…” Or is it? What exactly does Christmas look like? Is it how most U.S. Americans think of it, with Christmas trees, ornaments, gifts, religious ceremonies, and cookies? Or could it look like something else entirely?  It depends on your perspective, to be sure. Our…

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Build a well, drop by drop!

Tis the season to be jolly and apart from the Christian context, Christmas gifts are a crucial and curious component of this holiday. The thought of a Christmas gift paints an endearing, bright and warm picture in our cozy minds. But this Christmas, a new Santa Claus is helping to redefine generosity, gifting and giving.…

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How to find the perfect Christmas card

First off, don’t pick a card just because it’s “cute”, there are many factors to consider when picking out the perfect card for someone. Consideration #1: who is the Christmas card for, co-worker, family member or friend? If it’s a family member, then you are ok regardless of what you pick because they’ll appreciate the…

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