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Sharon Chin

DTR: Work Edition

When I say DTR, I don’t mean sitting next to your significant other and discussing whether or not you’ve hit a dead-end. Instead, I mean figuring out what kind of relationship you want to have with your supervisor/mentor at your internship. At Kapten & Son, my mentor is Ashley, a twenty-something graduate student with a…

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Giovanna Pickering

Bridging Passions

I want you all to recall your favorite memory, and then think of the song associated with it. Looking out from the 22nd floor of the newly designed Madison Avenue building, we are given our first task. As we go around the room, the stories range from featuring as an extra in Justin Bieber’s “Baby”…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

End of Semester Checklist

This blog was written by Peer Career Ambassadors Stela Maksutaj ‘17 and Michael Horbowy ’18.  Plan your Goals for the Summer The summer should be relaxing and fun, but also a time to excel yourself in ways you might not have time for during the academic year. What are your personal goals? Will you take…

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Jaime Doherty

Babson continues its WayUp!

2/1/16 UPDATE: UG CCD will officially begin sharing opportunities from WayUp in Career Connections! Starting this week, Career Connections will show even more internships and full time opportunities via our partner, WayUp! Postings will include job title and company via WayUp. If you aren’t registered with them already, learn more about our partnership here. Happy Searching! ### Undergraduates that…

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Vicky Keller

Entrepreneurship Fellowship: Venture for America

-Written by Brian Hickey, Venture for America Fellow, Babson College Class of 2015  The Babson experience emphasizes the value and importance of being surrounded by talented, inspiring, and motivated people. Above all, Babson highlights entrepreneurship as a means to create social and economic value. While many Babson students pursue traditional career opportunities, there are an…

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Caroline Hayes

Don’t forget the “Thank You”!

The campus recruiting cycle is in full swing right now with interviews.  Since early September, students have been polishing their resumes & cover letters, attending every employer event that has come to campus, networking as hard as they can and finally….. land an interview!  I have seen so many students this semester work extremely hard…

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Donna Sosnowski

A note from the Director of Undergrad CCD

Dear Parents, I hope you enjoyed Family and Friends weekend as much as I did. It was a pleasure getting to know families at the Happy Hour reception on Friday evening.  I love the representation from around the country and around the world.   We have such a diverse population, with varied personal and professional experiences;…

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D Coley

Why Startups are Ideal for Nurturing Young Minds

Internships are a dime a dozen. Students scour the web for months applying to dozens of companies in hope of landing a coveted position. After a grueling search and many interviews, I landed an internship at Evol8tion, based in New York. Here are three reasons I love working at a startup. You have the freedom…

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Jaime Doherty

Blogging about Blogging

Well this is somewhat embarrassing, but yes, this blog post is about blog posts… College students are social media gurus and it is exciting to see them leveraging LinkedIn as a heavily used resource to chart and explore their career paths. How is that related to blogging? Well, in addition to learning how to create…

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