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Painting a Mural for downtown Albany

This week began a new project organized by Albany Center Gallery: a huge mural on a highway ramp in downtown Albany, NY. The mural depicts a bright scene of music and dancing. The creation of the mural is being led by a local artist, Liz Zunon. After clocking out of my other job to come…

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Bird’s Eye View of Albany Center

For the last few weeks, I’ve been witnessing how Albany Center Gallery functions as a resource for artists and a servant of the local community. In fact, it feels as if a path has been shown to me, and I’ve been given a means by which to show my own art publicly. My desire to…

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Tiffany Tapia

Arts & Business are Not an Unnatural Pair

Posting on behalf of Maria Blanco, Freshman at Babson College. Maria Blanco is one of the five 2017 Sorenson Scholars.  As a rite of passage for all first-year students, my FME experience began as soon as I set foot on campus. I was instantly bombarded with nostalgic stories from upperclassman and the anticipation of those destined…

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Michael Chmura

Actor Seth Gilliam Visits Babson

  BabsonARTS welcomes Seth Gilliam, known for his television roles in The Walking Dead and The Wire, as well as for films such as Starship Troopers and Courage Under Fire. The Babson community will have an opportunity to meet Gilliam, and see him perform both in person and on film. Starship Troopers / Film screening and Q&A: February 5, 7…

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Emily Besen

I Am Not This Skin

Post by Michelene Wilkerson When I first got to college, I thought I made it. I thought I had moved past some of my biggest hurdles as a young Black woman: I wouldn’t have to hear too many stereotypes since I won two of largest merit-based leadership scholarships in the country. I along with millions of Black…

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The Change of Music

By Ian Schranze Recently, Boston has seen diverse genres of musical concerts happening throughout the city.  They range from pop to rock to classical music. Unfortunately, the highly underrated classical music market has been declining rapidly over the past decade. For members of the community attending concerts of people who died hundreds of years ago…

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Don’t Let Anyone Kill Your Art

by Joey Mensah;  So this past week, Drake’s third album titled Nothing Was the Same was officially released in stores and online on Tuesday, September 24th. Drake, being the clear leader of hip-hop in this generation (in terms of success), has proved again what this generation needs to learn: don’t ever let anyone kill your…

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Gabe Diaz-Barriga

I’m Helping Entrepreneurs Win

Given that this is my first post, I feel that it’s appropriate to tell you about me.  I am a rising sophomore, the president-elect of the Babson Outdoor Association, a Student Government senator for the class of 2016, an avid rock climber, a self-trained graphic designer, and an aspiring photographer. Through the support of the…

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Learning to Fresco…in Italy!

Babson student in Italy Amy Dwarnick is rounding off her college education by learning to fresco like Italian great Michelangelo. Perugia, Italy, April 8, 2013— Babson student Amy Dwarnick, along with fellow students, painted quickly today to finish up the last details on her fresco before the plaster dried. The course in Fresco, part of…

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