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Postre & Sopa: A Student’s Reflection on a Babson Elective Abroad

Post by Joseph Franco, Class of 2014 Traveling through Uruguay and Argentina during spring break this year was an amazing opportunity to grow both educationally and culturally. The perfect balance between educational and cultural experiences allowed for a plethora of different types of learning experiences. As my grandfather taught me in my traveling experiences with…

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Spring Break Abroad

During Spring Break, I had the pleasure of spending my time in Montevideo, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina. As part of the offshore course, our group examined the economic and business environment within the Southern Cone. We spoke with various businesses and professionals who helped to illuminate the historical economic chaos which Latin America has…

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Uruguay and Argentina Offshore Course

On Monday night, I had my first class for an offshore course titled Regional Economies: Prospects and Tensions in Latin America. At Babson, we have a wide array of study abroad options which include offshores; a class which is typically taken during summer, winter, or spring break in which students get to travel to a…

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