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Monica Moore

How to Create an Epic Business School Application

During my career, I have read thousands of applications, and experienced the joy of guiding prospective graduate students to realize their goal of gaining admission to a competitive graduate program. With the 2019 admissions cycle upon us, it seems appropriate to tell you what few other graduate admission leaders will share. What really makes an…

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Will There Be More Girls Than Boys Every Summer I Work??

Since the first work/volunteer-program I enrolled in during my sophomore year of High School, I have been outnumbered by women. I never minded the imbalance, but I’ve gotten more curious over time as to why there are less men who qualify for internships like mine. Part of the observation may simply be caused by the…

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Jenene Romanucci

Living the Babson Mission: Embracing and Rewarding Social Impact

The F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business is committed to living Babson’s mission of educating “entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value—everywhere.” My colleague Johanna Beers summed up one way we practice this in the Graduate Admissions office in the post below. Enjoy!   What do the ideas below have to do with…

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The new application is live (and an updated essay too)!

For those of you applying for a program in spring, summer, or fall of 2018, our application is live!  We released a new application on Monday as well as a new essay topic. For those of you applying to our working professional’s programs for Fall 2018, don’t worry. The application may look a little different…

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Colleen Hynes

Your Graduate Application: Do’s and Don’ts

Before you begin your Babson graduate application, I wanted to share some Do’s and Don’ts on how to make your application as competitive as possible. Recommendation Letters Do… ask colleagues with whom you collaborative regularly for their recommendations. It’s ideal to have at least one recommendation letter come from a current or former supervisor, but…

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Annie Bergeron


You have just found your dream job online, so you update your resume, write the perfect cover letter and you submit your application!  You’re totally qualified!  There’s nothing stopping you from getting that interview….or is there? Through my experience in corporate recruiting and career services, I’m here to tell you that even if you meet all…

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Colleen Hynes

Top 5 Reasons to begin your Part-time MBA this summer

If you know business school is in your future but you’re worried about finding the “right” time to start, here’s the top 5 reasons to jumpstart your Part-time MBA this summer. You’ll still have time to get to the beach- Summer session classes at Babson are usually just 7 weeks long , and we offer lots…

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Cara Chase

Quick Tips to Prepare for Your Graduate Admissions Interview

As you submit your application for the Round 3 deadline of February 28th (or another upcoming application deadline), you should also be thinking about how to best prepare for Graduate School interviews. The interview is another aspect of your application which helps us assess your experiences, accomplishments, goals and fit for Babson and your program…

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Courtney Minden

My Love Hate Relationship with Lists

  December is known as the month of peace, joy, giving…and lists. Not an hour goes by where I’m not managing some sort of list to help me get to January. There is my daily Lunder to-do list (I’d take a picture of it but no one, not even me, can decipher my handwriting), my…

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