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Tim Booker

Prize Winner Speaks To Future Enterpreneurs At BELA Tanzania

This past June, Babson students and staff visited the Ganako Secondary School in Karatu, Tanzania to work with roughly one hundred high school students to teach entrepreneurship. This partnership is a relatively new venture for the Babson Entrepreneur Leadership Academy (BELA) program, which has previously run in Rwanda, Uganda and Ghana. For more information on…

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Yerim Kim

An exploration of entrepreneurship education in Africa

On April 22nd, Akeem Allen ’17 of CREED and Marvin Tarawally ’17 of Students Making a Real Transformation (SMART) Liberia (formerly Student Reform Initiative) joined members of the Butler Venture Accelerator on their experience of spreading Entrepreneurship spirit in Africa. CREED was established in November of 2014 to provide education to broader education in Mamelodi…

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Amir Reza

Remembering Nelson Mandela: A Reflection

In light of Mandela’s recent passing, Professor Emeritus Jean-Pierre Jeannet shares this reflection on a not-so-chance meeting: I have had an opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela as part of the Emirates Global Business forum held in Dubai in the year 2000. I received an invitation to join the conference during an already busy travel time.…

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Kurian Babykutty

Build a well, drop by drop!

Tis the season to be jolly and apart from the Christian context, Christmas gifts are a crucial and curious component of this holiday. The thought of a Christmas gift paints an endearing, bright and warm picture in our cozy minds. But this Christmas, a new Santa Claus is helping to redefine generosity, gifting and giving.…

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