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An Empowering Experience

By Jerdrema Virginia Flynt, M.Ed Babson MBA Candidate ‘22 I had the opportunity and pleasure to attend the National Black MBA Association Inc Conference, which was from September 23-25, held virtually this year. I was able to sit in on a number of panels that showered me with knowledge, advice, and hope. Entering into the…

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Two Internships on Two Continents

With the world moving more and more to our cell phones and everything becoming digital, it’s very easy to get lost. Lost in the tabs, tasks, and top priorities. For someone who had the opportunity for two internships, seized it, and then committed to working 70+ hours a week, time management was a challenge.  Having…

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Make the Most Of Your Time

Being a full-time student requires me to manage two different worlds at the same time- being able to perform well academically and stay on top of my coursework, and being able to market yourself and constantly network in order to remain competitive for internship offers and future opportunities. Of course, when dealing with a full…

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Trust the Process – Changing Values and Lessons Learned

Sales has never been my thing, it’s something that never quite interested me enough to try out. Until Fyrii, an innovative software B2B marketplace helping specialists monetize their technical expertise. It has been great working for a company that provides such an interesting solution in the sales industry. Reflecting on the past few months with…

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Technology in a Virtual Internship

For someone my age, technology does not always come easily and I have often noticed I have to spend more time to learn new skills in this area. During my virtual internship this summer, technology is more important than ever. I realized I needed to develop my skills in data analytics by utilizing my stronger…

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Ways to Take Initiative at a Startup

One of the biggest benefits of working at a startup is the large amount of responsibility you can get. Unlike at corporate companies, interns at early-stage startups usually have direct access to company leadership, work on a variety of projects, and produce work that has a direct impact on company culture/performance. The structure of early-stage…

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