Author: Xiaocai Lin

My Huge Secret Project

At the end of my internship at JVS, I secretly finished a huge project: writing six thank-you letters to my supervisors and colleagues by hand. The biggest chunk of the work is composing the contents of each letter. For each person that I wrote for, I tried to think of at least one unique shared…

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Coming Out of the Back Office

For the past two months of my internship, I have been working in cubicles in different offices every day. As an introverted person with English as my second language, I usually shy away from talking to people – and it’s part of the reason why although I choose to intern in three different programs in…

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I’m Part of the Team!

The best part of my internship so far is the sense of belonging. Last week, I was asked to join a short meeting of the whole Development Department in Jewish Vocational Service, in which I am currently interning. As a memorable event during the middle of my internship, there are two highlights during this meeting…

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