Author: Salome Mosehle

How To Manage Like A Pro

“Hi,my name is Salome. I’m from South Africa but I study at a college in the U.S. called Babson College.” This is the standard introduction I give at work to visitors all the time but there is one big question I always get asked, “What is your educational qualification?” I confidently say that I have…

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Why This Internship Has Disrupted My Life

I wasn’t quite sure of my job description. All I knew was that I would be working for an NGO that provided hands-on science experiments for children from villages in most of Southern India. I liked the idea. I am passionate about education especially rural development via education so I agreed to this without thinking…

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Lessons on Marketing in Tanzania

As I looked outside the bus window in Tanzania, my brain brushed over the scenery, the wealth of culture and the happiness of the people. The curse of being from a business school is that you observe good business models everywhere you go. Here are some marketing strategies that stood out to me: • The…

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