Author: Stephanie Hamel

Step by Step, Day by Day

Today was our fourth day on the building site and progress can be seen not only in the construction of the house, but also in the relationships with the family and the masons. We continued to lay the foundation of the house by erecting the reinforced concrete frame structure of the house. Every step of…

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Every Day We’re Shovelin’

Tyler and Puja reporting to you from Ahuachapán, El Salvador! Today was our third day on site, and we definitely had quite the experience. After spending the first two days preparing the foundation for the home, we began mixing cement to fill the trenches that will eventually hold up the walls. Half our group began…

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Making friends and making tortillas

Today was a long day filled with learning many new things. We started off the day by splitting into two groups: one teaching and the other building. I worked on the house in the morning as we dug more dirt. During one of my water breaks, I went to chat with the family of the…

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