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Kiva Project

Quetsol, the company I am interning with, is looking to become a non-MFI partner with Kiva. Kiva is a non profit institution that allows individuals to lend money, whether it is to micro finance institutions or for-profit and non-profit organizations around the world that have a social impact. The Kiva program is ideal for lives…

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Living in Mano de Leon

We went to live with a community off the grid (without electricity) for a few days. It was amazing to see my change in perception of what is substantial in life after living with these people for a short period of time. The families in Mano de Lon, Guatemala (the community we lived in) have…

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Helping Communities Develop

It has been three days since I arrived to Guatemala. Since the plane ride down all you can see is green. The beautiful landscape is complemented with the nice and welcoming people. I have been spending time in Antigua and than visited the community Mando de Leon, where we are going to stay with its…

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