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Small Team but Great Culture

Now a few weeks into my internship I have been able to work with or interact with most of the members on the YWCA Hartford Team. As a nonprofit organization YWCA does not have a lot of employees for their team. Although the team is small, there’s still a lot of work to do, but…

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YWCA Supports My Goals

Going into this internship with YWCA Hartford Region I established some goals for myself personally, for during my internship, and for my professional development. For myself personally I wanted to be sure I worked on trying to understand other members of the team of employees I’m working with and how they work. I have always…

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My Work with a Non-Profit

My name is Morgan Kuehnle and I am participating in an internship this summer for YWCA Hartford Region in Hartford, Connecticut. I am a rising junior at Babson College, an RA for the first year area living learning communities (Living Entrepreneurship and Living Social Change), a CWEL scholar, and a member of the Babson Women’s…

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