Author: Junsu Lee

Testing the service

Next week, Kunjip will be launching a closed beta test to test out the service. We have selected 50 customers who love our idea and service, and we will be providing our service free for one month. Our three main goals of the beta test are: 1. Prove to the investors that we have operational capability…

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4th week at Kunjip

One of the greatest things about working at a startup is that you get to be involved in different kinds of tasks. I’ve been hired as an marketing intern at Kunjip, but recently, I’ve been heavily involved in operations and sales. Since Kunjip is a startup that provides on-demand storage service in Seoul, well defined service…

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About on demand storage service in Korea

I am currently working at a company called Kunjip in South Korea. It is a company found by Babson alumni, Jongho Yi. Kunjip is a company that provides on-demand storage service in Seoul. On-demand storage service is a cloud storage service for physical goods. Customers can simply request to store their items through the company’s…

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