Author: Hilary Katulak

Babson Professor Michael A. Goldstein to Speak At Securities and Exchange Commission Roundtable

On April 16th Babson Professor Michael A. Goldstein will speak at The Securities and Exchange during roundtable discussion on ways to improve the transparency and efficiency of the fixed income markets. As previously announced, the roundtable will consist of four panels. The participants in the first panel will discuss the characteristics of the municipal securities market.  Babson’s…

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Babson Student In Italy Amy Dwarnick Is Rounding Off Her College Education By Learning To Fresco Like Italian Great Michelangelo.

Babson student Amy Dwarnick, along with fellow students, painted quickly today to finish up the last details on her fresco before the plaster dried. The course in Fresco, part of the Umbra Institute’s fine arts offerings, is one of the only classes in fresco in the world. This semester students started by creating a first,…

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Two Babson Students Help Launch “Eco-Wine” : Amy Dwarnick And Susanna Kroll, Help An Italian Winery Enter The American Market

“There’s an old peasant proverb: ‘Leave the land a little better than you found it,’” said Stefano Cantelmo, head engineer for Castello Montevibiano Vecchio Winery in Italy. Standing 20 feet below ground level, Babson students, Amy Dwarnick and Susanna Kroll, and their fellow Umbra Institute students listened carefully to Cantelmo as he leaned on one…

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