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Ten Dos to Survive Your First Internship

By now, many of you have already started an internship. The Undergraduate Center for Career Development has a few tips to share to help ease the transition from school to workforce: Before the internship: For International Students, do secure a visa permit. Please visit the Glavin Office to learn more about the requirement for CPT/OPT.…

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Reflecting on your education abroad/away experience

Congratulations! You just completed a successful program abroad or away, where you gained new insights, skills, experiences and perspectives.  Employers are hungry for globally-minded talent, but it’s up to you to demonstrate how  your time away sets you apart by emphasizing these new skills and reflecting on your experiences. As you move forward with your…

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Count Down to Graduation – Six Tips to Your Dream Job

Hello Seniors, Welcome back from Spring break! Our staff at the Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD) would love to meet you and help you with your current job search strategy. We have six tips for you to implement from now to graduation. Please note, the items use Italics fonts are for international students only,…

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