Author: Daquan Oliver

Take The First Step NOW

Do you have a great idea that you’ve always wanted to pursue? Have you always wanted to run your own business? Well, what’s stopping you? Maybe it’s because you fear failure. Or maybe you just have no idea where to begin. That was exactly my situation not too long ago. I’ve always wanted to have…

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Act, Now!

Do you have a big business idea? A way to improve a process or system at work? Maybe you really want to talk to that one person who keeps stealing your gaze away? Why not make a million dollars, get the promotion at work or begin a new relationship? Does fear, over-thinking, or over-planning tend to stop you?…

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Jossle Action Marketing Makes College Better

Jossle Action Marketing Imagine a flash mob of sales reps at any campus of your choice. Wishful thinking? Not with Jossle it isn’t. Jossle is an innovative, action marketing company made for college students by college students. Started by a group of Babson College entrepreneurs, Jossle allows any college student to acquire free branded gear…

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