Author: Claribel Truglia

Update from Alba

While we are in the midst of re-branding the Alba Boutique to a new and more meaningful Sloane and Ivy Boutique, it has come to my attention that re-branding is just as hard as starting a new store. Around the time of re-leasing the store, Kate and I also have to be creative when it comes…

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Time Management Technique

Being a full-time student, maintaining a competitive GPA, and completing an internship requires excellent time management abilities. Can you share your time management techniques and how you’ve applied them at your internship when working on a project? This summer, I am currently working on campus as an RA, taking a class, and completing my summer internship. This…

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First Day at Alba

I always had an interest in fashion ever since I began high school. I mean I did go to a fashion specialized high school in New York, so it was a given. But I ended coming to Babson because I thought business was a good foundation for anything. As a result, I wanted to combine…

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