Author: Brock Eveleth

Painting a Mural for downtown Albany

This week began a new project organized by Albany Center Gallery: a huge mural on a highway ramp in downtown Albany, NY. The mural depicts a bright scene of music and dancing. The creation of the mural is being led by a local artist, Liz Zunon. After clocking out of my other job to come…

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Don’t Forget to Ask for Feedback

Looking back at my internship last summer, though it was a fruitful learning experience, I made one glaring mistake that I now regret: I never explicitly asked my managers or team members to give me feedback on how I was doing. Having just completed CLTP and a Leadership course this past spring, both of which…

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Bird’s Eye View of Albany Center

For the last few weeks, I’ve been witnessing how Albany Center Gallery functions as a resource for artists and a servant of the local community. In fact, it feels as if a path has been shown to me, and I’ve been given a means by which to show my own art publicly. My desire to…

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