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Babson Student & Employer Partner Consulting Success Stories

Babson’s Management Consulting Field Experience (aka “MCFE”) and the Babson Consulting Alliance Program (aka “BCAP”) offer our students opportunities to gain practical industry experience while working with professionals in the business community. Our MCFE and BCAP programs connect Boston-area organizations with talented Babson undergraduate and graduate students who work as consultants to address a current business challenge. Students gain valuable experience while providing your organization with creativity, insights, and results.]

Check out some of our employer partner success stories to learn more:

MCFE Partner: adidas
Project Description/Challenge: In August 2014, two separate US eCommerce teams (Reebok in Canton, MA and adidas in Portland, Oregon) were combined into one joint operating model with both teams responsible for driving growth across both ecommerce brands and combining the expertise, innovations, and platforms of the two teams into one. The Babson MCFE team was asked to address the following challenges: how to best communicate across coasts with a 3-hour time zone difference, how to best conduct meetings across offices, cadence and structure of recurring meetings and reporting, best technologies to leverage, and the development of a set of operating standards.
Student Impact: “The quality of work and interactions from our Babson MCFE team was high impact and professional, on the same caliber as agencies and consultants we engage with. I would highly recommend MCFE to companies looking for a fresh entrepreneurial perspective to their business challenges and opportunities.” -Dan Marques, adidas

BCAP Partner: NQR
Project Description/Challenge: As a leading provider of performance measurement tools in the financial services industry for over 20 years, NQR would like to capitalize on new opportunities to service the industry and to capture market share in advance of immediate competitors.  As they roll out new products, NQR challenged the BCAP team to develop a well-researched, executable sales/marketing plan to guide outreach to potential new clients.
Student Impact: “The team members were energetic, quick learners, thorough and produced high quality work!”  – Doug Fortin, NQR

Babson students are always looking for ways to learn more about an industry, organization, or career path. You, our employer partners, offer an invaluable benefit to these students with insights, perspective, and guidance, and we appreciate our partner organizations in helping us deliver a unique experience for our students. Through our academic pedagogy of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®, our students are prepared to make a difference from day one.

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