Leandra Grinage

How To Turn Your Twitter Profile Into A Professional Platform ( 7 Steps)

1. Follow companies that you admire and want to learn more about. Its is also a good idea to follow  political and professional leaders whom you respect. i.e @mcuban, @PWC_US_Careers 2. Cater a good majority of your tweets towards your professional interests. This means sharing news articles and interesting blogs posts that you have read and also tweeting about…

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Josefa Riveros

Babson By The Numbers

Babson has recently been challenging students, faculty and staff all over campus and online on Twitter to see just how well we know Babson by the numbers! When I first starting watching this video of Dean Hanno, in my head I was like, “pshhhhhhh I work in Admissions. I got this. Let’s do it.” That’s…

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Brian Hickey

Stirring Up Global Change

What school would be crazy enough to give a group of nearly thirty students $3,000 and tell them to go start their own business—from start to finish—on their own, making their own decisions. Welcome to Babson College. I am currently working as the VP of Corporate Social Responsibility at MixItMug, a real-life, operational business, run…

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Hannah Moriggi


It’s not everyday that prospective students have the opportunity to sit down and chat with an Undergraduate Admission Director, so here at Babson we pulled out our brainstorming hats, put them on and got thinking…why don’t we bring our Director, Courtney Minden, to you? So we did! You can catch the FULL recap here: #babsonchat.…

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Christina Symanski

#Babson everywhere

One of my favorite things about Babson outside of the classroom is all of the fun groups and organizations we have to get involved in. Moreover–all of the events on campus that the clubs and organizations put on throughout the year! When I came to Babson, I hit the ground running–busy from day one. I…

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Kelly Walsh

Music/Brand Integration & Social Media

This week at Live Nation I am working on a research project that explores how various brands try to tie themselves to a music artist, genre or simply music in general.  Whether this is through sponsorships or simply promoting an artist they like, my job is to find out how they utilize social media to…

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Twitter and the First Year Seminar

Back in July I blogged about Twitter and the First Year of College and indicated I would try to integrate Twitter into my First Year Seminar class this fall. The goals of this experiment were to: Engage with students outside of structured classroom setting. Educate the class on contemporaray issues. Educate the students of the…

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Twitter and the First Year of College

How useful is Twitter? A while back I blogged about how I plan to delve into the world of Twitter to see how it can be integrated into my work with first year programs at Babson College.  The summer seems like a good time to provide a progress report.   After some experimenting with my own account, the…

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Summertime at Babson

Summertime has arrived at Babson, with Commencement festivities behind us and summer classes well underway.   Our attention turns to the many activities necessary to welcome the class of 2013.  The first of these is our Family Days the weekend of June 27-28th 2009.  We started these events last summer and they were a great success. …

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Twitter Page for the First Year at Babson

Since my last blog on social networking I have spent a lot of time in Twitter (following and being followed!).  I have decided to create a Babson focused Twitter account to keep everyone up to date on the first year at Babson.  I will do my best to “tweet” on through the semester to keep everyone up to…

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