Brian Hickey

Extending Learning Outside the Classroom

Babson College is well known for its opportunities in the classroom where students start their own businesses, consult for real companies, and develop their business skills. While these classes offer great learning possibilities, there are many additional ways to learn from experiences outside the classroom that lead to personal growth and development as a business…

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Jacob Vick

Why 40 Hours a Week can be better than 16 Credit Hours

While our class times may be set, we all have experienced the unpredictability of what your workload for the week could be from your classes. But now that its summer internship season this is your chance to use some of that predictability in a full time schedule to your advantage. I know I have used this new set…

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Jeff Andrews

Advice for Rising High School Seniors

Congratulations! It’s finally summer break (for most of you) and it’s time to enjoy one last long vacation of your high school careers. Whether you’re working, going on a summer getaway, or just enjoying the time off with your friends and family; make sure to take a minute to breathe and relax! While you should…

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James Dewey-Rosenfeld

Come on Down!

I know that the countdown until the final day of school is on for juniors in high school. Don’t lie. It will feel pretty great not only getting to the last day of school and having the summer ahead of you, but to also becoming one of the top dogs at your school. You are officially…

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Meghan Rowledge

Purple Walls

As I sit in a half packed room, I’m starting to realize how much has really happened in here throughout the year. You don’t really think about it when you are living in your room, but those 4 walls have seen it all.  They have seen some of my best days, like the day I got the…

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Grace Morton

Joining the “Start Up World”

Five weeks into the summer and just after leaving my first internship, I lined up another opportunity at a company called RunKeeper, a Boston-based start up app that tracks athletic activities such as running, cycling, hiking, etc. This opportunity came at the perfect time and I began almost immediately after I left the brewery. My…

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Just say thank you

And the end is finally here. It great-grand father (who’s also my twin) always told me that when people do right by you, just say thank you. With the end of my internship at Junior Achievement comes a host of thank yous to a number of different people. First, thank you to Joseph Peri, Christopher…

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High Five for Week Five!

Although I’m excited to have made it to the middle of my 5th week at JA New York (JANY), with my final day just over a week away, the real “high-five” goes to JA New York. Monday morning’s all staff meeting consisted of praises to the fellow interns, announcements regarding upcoming events, but most importantly,…

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Audits, Credits, Debits…oh my!

Happy Monday! Successfully completed the third week and I’ve now made it to the half-way mark of my summer experience at Junior Achievement of New York! Time is flying by this summer, to say the least. JA New York is going pretty smooth. As I mentioned in my second blog post, our primary focus is…

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New Plan of Action?

I have been doing a good job trying to get more followers on Pinterest, and more visits to the organization’s website. But, it’s time to take it up a notch. For weeks, I have been trying to come up with a plan to get more sponsors through Pinterest. I have been trying to think of…

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