Fall into Championships

It is hard to believe November 1st is just around the corner! Leaves are falling and the air is getting a bit crisper with fall really taking its place at Babson. With fall also comes championship season for Babson Athletics. This year has been quite impressive for our athletics program, with volleyball securing the NEWMAC…

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Brian Hickey

Getting to Know Babson’s Dean Ward

Babson College continues to attract talented and innovative leaders, with the addition of Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Lawrence Ward.  According to the Babson profile, Dean Ward’s role “provides strategic direction and senior management for a range of programs, services, and systems that support students’ academic, social, intellectual, and cultural development…

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Brian Hickey

Extending Learning Outside the Classroom

Babson College is well known for its opportunities in the classroom where students start their own businesses, consult for real companies, and develop their business skills. While these classes offer great learning possibilities, there are many additional ways to learn from experiences outside the classroom that lead to personal growth and development as a business…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

How to make your club involvement meaningful

This post was written by Jacob Vick ’15, CCD Peer Career Ambassador. I knew right when I started at Babson my first year that I needed to go out and get more involved on campus but I wasn’t really sure how to go about it or what the real opportunities were. I’ve had an amazing experience…

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Brian Hickey

Connect with the Boston Business Community!

I am excited to tell you about some great opportunities through a unique organization known as Greenhorn Connect. Greenhorn Connect helps build connections within the Boston entrepreneur ecosystem. The organization is working hard to engage students and provide opportunities for future entrepreneurs. You won’t want to miss the Student Dinners and the Greenhorn Summit. Student…

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Meghan Rowledge

Being a Freshman Again

Being in a new place can be disorientating for anyone. Being at a new university in a different country can be extremely  disorientating. The best way to describe going abroad for the semester and all the ups and downs I have faced so far is like experiencing freshman year all over again. Just like coming to…

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Brian Hickey

Tips for the Class of 2018

Babson is buzzing again as students return to campus. With athletes already back on campus training, incoming first years starting their Babson experience at the end of this week, and upperclassmen returning in a week, campus will soon be back in full swing. As the Class of 2018 embarks on their Babson journey, I caught…

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Hannah Moriggi

President Healey Takes Babson168 Global

Three months ago at Babson168, the entire campus and community celebrated admitted students by bringing the Class of 2018 to campus. Throughout the course of the day, admitted students and families explored the many ways you can define your Babson experience. Each week at Babson is made up of 168 hour sand many of our…

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Jacob Vick

Why 40 Hours a Week can be better than 16 Credit Hours

While our class times may be set, we all have experienced the unpredictability of what your workload for the week could be from your classes. But now that its summer internship season this is your chance to use some of that predictability in a full time schedule to your advantage. I know I have used this new set…

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Brian Hickey

Babson Student Startup: Think Board

Babson students are always buzzing with business ideas, but for Hanson Grant (’16) his desire to write down his ideas led him to start his new business called Think Board. Coming up with a unique iteration of the traditional whiteboard, Think Board allows someone to capture their ideas with ease. Think Board is a dry…

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