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Analia Colffer Jaquet

How I Achieve Efficiency Under Stress

When I thought about doing an internship at Koga, I knew I would have a decent amount of work. However, I completely underestimated the amount of work I would have and as of today, I am still surprised about all the responsibilities I have. All the work and highly important duties I have as the…

Arline MacCormack

Take Care of Yourself and Each Other

  Wow, it is December already. As we enter the season of cramming for final exams, sleeplessness, holidays, and overindulging try to remember to take care of yourself and each other. Our bodies and our minds need good healthy food, rest, and exercise to keep functioning at an optimal level. The last thing you want…

Jamie Rappoport

Thanksgiving Break and a Sweet Return

While it is always exciting to be at Babson, a nice break is sometimes necessary. With the semester coming to an end, this is the time of year filled with projects, papers, presentations, and exams. So when I peaked at the calendar two weeks ago and remembered that I was about to have an entire…