Michelle Lederhos

Consulting Career Connection & Boston Trek

Thinking about a career in “consulting”? What does that even mean and are you qualified? The Consulting Career Connection hosted by the American Association of Management Consulting Firms is a great place to learn more about this career path. Babson candidates are groomed to be great consultants as the curriculum is case based, team work…

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Brian Hickey

Getting to Know Babson’s Dean Ward

Babson College continues to attract talented and innovative leaders, with the addition of Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Lawrence Ward.  According to the Babson profile, Dean Ward’s role “provides strategic direction and senior management for a range of programs, services, and systems that support students’ academic, social, intellectual, and cultural development…

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Brenda Kostyk

Meeting of the Minds — Engineering & Business

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with the student leadership teams of Babson’s eTower and Olin’s Foundry, along with the Blank Center’s Cindy Klein-Marmer and Olin’s Suzanne Alcott.  Wow, what a group!  What entrepreneurial energy!    (And, if you haven’t checked out Olin’s campus center — its a great space with scrumptious food…

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Michelle Lederhos

Accounting Industry Spotlight- kicks off CCD recruiting season

Recent grads… remember running around night after night during the recruiting season to hear the beginning or end of an employer info session before heading off to a group meeting for class?!  You had to be there to support your job search, but needed to put the final touches on a group presentation… those days…

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Brian Hickey

Connect with the Boston Business Community!

I am excited to tell you about some great opportunities through a unique organization known as Greenhorn Connect. Greenhorn Connect helps build connections within the Boston entrepreneur ecosystem. The organization is working hard to engage students and provide opportunities for future entrepreneurs. You won’t want to miss the Student Dinners and the Greenhorn Summit. Student…

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Sophan Smith

Sign Up for a Spot with HubSpot!

You’ve heard the name and probably know a thing or two about the company. I mean, I don’t need to tell you that HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers…. you already knew that, right?! And I don’t need to tell you that HubSpot is…

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Sophan Smith

Calling all Retail Fanatics!

Calling all Retail Fanatics! The EDENS Retail Challenge is an annual competition for student entrepreneurs who are passionate about changing the face of retail. Graduate and undergraduate students from across the country compete in a multi-step process that culminates in one final pitch to a panel of industry leaders. Entrants must initially submit a video…

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Brian Hickey

Eager Beavers: Class of 2018 Ready to Join Babson

With orientation just two months away, Babson’s Class of 2018 will soon be joining the Babson community.  This group of students brings unique qualities and experiences to the campus with its diversity in background, interests, culture and geographic origin. College brings so many new opportunities– academic, social, extracurricular, and beyond – and it is a very…

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Hannah Moriggi

Springing Back into Travel

It’s that time of year again! Our counseling staff is back out on the road as we start to work with high school juniors – potential members of the Babson 2019! Where are we around the country and around the world you ask? Well, let’s take a peek. This spring Babson is visiting the following…

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Rahul Daryanani

Where did time go?

1,460 days at a place you knew you would like but never knew you’d love. My experience at Babson has been nothing short of absolutely amazing and nowhere near what I expected. I came in as a freshman excited to start the 4 year journey that would be college career. My dad and I landed…

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