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Priscilla Joy Ning

Proven Methods to Getting Hired Today

Rejection sucks, plain and simple. Before I got my current internship at NatureBox, I experienced my fair share of let downs for opportunities I believed I was perfect for and it is tough not to feel hurt that the employer just did not feel so. However, there is a misconception that this process is just…

Peer Career Ambassadors

Invisible Pressures for Seniors

This post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Shun Ping Huang ’17.  Many of my fellow senior friends have been coming to me and voicing their worries about not being able to find a job…and it’s only early October. While I try my best to calm their fears, I am also breaking a little under…

Peer Career Ambassadors

Your Authentic Self

This blog was written by Peer Career Ambassador Stela Maksutaj ‘17. Employers are intimidating during the job application process, whether it be for an internship or a full time job. The degree of technical skills they are searching for vary, however all employers are searching for a wholesome individual that is at the end of…