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College vs Internship

My mom used to encourage me to appreciate life while most of my responsibilities were resumed to schoolwork. She used to say that school responsibilities are more flexible than work accountabilities and I did not put too much thought into it. During my first summer internship though, I started to ponder the nuances behind those…


Perks & Challenges of Interning Away From Home!

São Paulo is one of the world’s best business centers. It’s the city with most internship opportunities in Brazil. It is also more than 620 miles away from my hometown, Brasilia. It was soon before my summer break that I realized I would have to come here to attain a good professional summer experience. It’s…

Ana Maharjan

New City? No Problem.

Interning in a new city can be challenging. Here are my tips for making the best out of your international work experience!

Jose Damasceno

World Cup and work

Most countries have common symbols of nationalism: a flag, a national anthem or even the victory in a war. In Brazil, several of the symbols we were established after the proclamation of the republic in 1889. In the 50s, Brazil’s president at the time, Juscelino Kubitschek (also called JK, as a reference to John F.…

Christina Hodgkins

Real Estate Industry in Asia

Working for a commercial real estate company, I was expecting to gain exposure to facets of the real estate industry, however, I did not realize how much it impacts business in Hong Kong. The hub for businesses is Central which has the most expensive real estate prices in the world. The company I work for…

Christina Hodgkins

Hong Kong Work Environment

Over the course of this internship I’ve discovered how Hong Kong developed its reputation for having a fast-paced, innovative business culture. I was apprehensive of just how I was going to fit in here in that regard. What became clear however, is that this city is by no means a closed circuit. Regardless of your…

Debora Queiroz Sena

Getting Business Done: The Cultural Impact

Living in a different country goes beyond needing a language that is not one’s first one. It requires observing the way people behave, so we can identify what are the similarities and differences between two or more cultures. Consequently, in order to properly fit in, embracing new habits and letting go of some are also…

Emily Besen

Eshika’s Return to India

I caught up with rising sophomore Eshika Agarwal from Hyderabad, India for her thoughts on what it’s like returning to India after a year of studies in the U.S. Here, she reflects on differences in the workplace, educational systems, and societal expectations.  Eshika writes: “I don’t really know if home has gotten any different, but I…