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Cheryl Liu

What To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

The advertising industry is very client based that involves communication going multiple directions. Sometimes, too many people involving in one project can be confusing and less efficient. This industry trend also applies to the team that I work in. The analytic department that I intern with work with all departments ranging from creative, social to…

Brian Hickey

Stirring Up Global Change

What school would be crazy enough to give a group of nearly thirty students $3,000 and tell them to go start their own business—from start to finish—on their own, making their own decisions. Welcome to Babson College. I am currently working as the VP of Corporate Social Responsibility at MixItMug, a real-life, operational business, run…

Brian Hickey

Mixing It Up in FME!

One of the things that draws prospective students to Babson is the Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurs course (FME), in which first year students actually run their own business. Now that I am nearing the completion of my first semester at Babson, I can tell you this truly is the real deal! So far, we…