Brian Hickey

Babson Student Startup: Think Board

Babson students are always buzzing with business ideas, but for Hanson Grant (’16) his desire to write down his ideas led him to start his new business called Think Board. Coming up with a unique iteration of the traditional whiteboard, Think Board allows someone to capture their ideas with ease. Think Board is a dry…

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Brian Hickey

Eager Beavers: Class of 2018 Ready to Join Babson

With orientation just two months away, Babson’s Class of 2018 will soon be joining the Babson community.  This group of students brings unique qualities and experiences to the campus with its diversity in background, interests, culture and geographic origin. College brings so many new opportunities– academic, social, extracurricular, and beyond – and it is a very…

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Meghan Rowledge

Purple Walls

As I sit in a half packed room, I’m starting to realize how much has really happened in here throughout the year. You don’t really think about it when you are living in your room, but those 4 walls have seen it all.  They have seen some of my best days, like the day I got the…

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Senior Year Bucket List

When you are trying to figure out the future it is easy to get caught up in what is coming next and miss what is passing right in front of you. A friend of mine in high school wisely said: though it is important to not drive while looking in the rearview mirror, it is…

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Rahul Daryanani

Where did time go?

1,460 days at a place you knew you would like but never knew you’d love. My experience at Babson has been nothing short of absolutely amazing and nowhere near what I expected. I came in as a freshman excited to start the 4 year journey that would be college career. My dad and I landed…

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Brian Hickey

Brian’s 168 Hours: School, Sleep, Sports, and Social

It is 7:00AM on Monday morning and my alarm is buzzing as I wonder where the weekend has gone – time for another week and I roll out of bed…hopefully recharged and ready to go. A week at Babson is filled with 168 hours – to balance between academics, sleep, extracurricular/other activities, and a social…

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Jamie Rappoport

Real World Road Rules

Although my internship ended about seven months ago, I still vividly remember how prepared I felt throughout the eight weeks. I often found myself working on teams with interns from schools other than Babson. They were students from top business schools. A common trend I found was that I was always the leader, the go-getter,…

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Brian Hickey

CGIU 2014: Takeaways for Making an Impact

Over 1,000 college students converged on Arizona State University this past weekend with a simple goal: a commitment to make a difference. It was time for the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative University Conference and the students in attendance were from all fifty states and over eighty countries. Babson College students were fortunate to be included…

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A Day In the Life: Babson Senior

My final spring semester signifies the slowing of the wheels and transition to what it is to come right after; my last three months of college until the “real life” begins. Overall, my last semester has been a time for me to slow down, reminisce with friends and take the time to enjoy things I…

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Sarah Yim

A Second Semester Senior’s 168

When you arrive at Babson, your week will consist of 168 hours. That may seem like a large number, but those hours really fly by. Everyone spends their time in different ways, but here’s my 168 as an example. Since I’m taking a reduced course load this semester (less than 15 credits), it’s been especially…

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