Brenda Kostyk

The BIG “E” – Big Company Entrepreneurship

So far this semester, I’ve blogged on a variety of topics related to new ventures.  For those who aren’t interested (or at least not yet!) in launching their own gig; there are boundless entrepreneurial opportunities within existing ventures, such as start-ups, small businesses, or large companies.  To start, let’s talk about the BIG “E” —  Big…

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Brenda Kostyk

Don’t Be Fooled! Entrepreneurship Does Exist inside Big Box Retail!

Hi Entrepreneurship Gang!   I am currently working on a blog post regarding Big Company Entrepreneurship and hope to have it up and posted soon.  In the meantime, I wanted to highlight a terrific example of Corporate Entrepreneurship featured in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal – All Caught Up in TJ Maxx’s Web. The TJX Companies –…

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Brenda Kostyk

‘Tis the Season for Sharing, Listening & Maybe Even Pivoting!

The Holidays — A Ripe Opportunity Amid the flurry of holiday activity now upon us, don’t forget to put on your entrepreneurial eyes and ears to listen and observe family, friends, and fellow shoppers.  Often overlooked, these folks are terrific for sourcing and testing ideas.  Consumer feedback, even at its most informal, is a smart…

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Sophan Smith

Which is the salad fork?

Let’s talk about the importance of business etiquette….. if you don’t know some of the basics, it can ruin your chances of getting hired! While it’s important to study for a job interview and know your top strengths, it’s just as important to understand all of the other elements that recruiters and hiring managers are…

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Caroline Hayes

How to Begin your Internship Search!

How do I get started with my internship search? Many students over the past couple of weeks have come into the office and simply asked “How do I get started with my internship search”?  Since many of you reading this blog could be asking the very same question, I thought I would give you a…

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Connecting with Employers – beyond campus and in the cloud

Resources. A common topic with employers and recruiters these days…  mostly around the lack thereof.   Now more than ever, recruiters and HR professionals have tighter budgets, and with tighter budgets often comes travel limitations.  Yet there is still the need to meet and hire top talent.  To continue seeking this talent, they must be creative,…

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Michelle Lederhos

This is Retail

Blog post authored by CCD student blogger, Natalie Cullings, UG Class of 2014 Looking for a fulfilling career with a company that’s not only innovative, but gives back to and strengthens communities? If so, you might be overlooking a long-lasting career opportunity in a critical industry: retail. The National Retail Federation launched in 2013 to…

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Natalie Cullings

Don’t Intern Only to Learn About an Industry, but Also Where It’s Heading

It’s hard to believe I’m more than half way done with my summer internship at the branding/advertising firm Mechanica. I’ve learned a lot about the industry and the responsibilities of the different departments/positions within a firm. However, one of the highlights of my internship was the day I was fortunate enough to attend BostInno’s State…

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Changing Products & Responsibility to past clients

Hey all– thanks for checking in and reading my updates on my work with Quetsol in Guatemala As the title suggests, I would like to illustrate one of the issues Quetsol is having right now as it switches its business model from pay-to-own, to pay-as-you-go and optimizes its kit with new technology. Old kit 1:…

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Pop Up Shop

While working as an intern at an online shopping company, I’ve been lucky to be exposed to a wide array of roles and projects that accumulate to build a strong brand such as BeachMint. Earlier this week, I worked at their warehouse/sample sale store. I’ve been to sample sales and pop up shops from different…

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