Michelle Lederhos

Consulting Career Connection & Boston Trek

Thinking about a career in “consulting”? What does that even mean and are you qualified? The Consulting Career Connection hosted by the American Association of Management Consulting Firms is a great place to learn more about this career path. Babson candidates are groomed to be great consultants as the curriculum is case based, team work…

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Vicky Keller

Success, Failure and the Drive to Keep Creating

  As Babson students, faculty and staff, we eat, breathe and sleep an entrepreneurial mindset.  We know that this mindset encompasses an approach to life that sets us up for success in whatever we pursue.  It allows us to constantly be creative and be grateful for every failure we experience and grow from.  As the…

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Rahul Daryanani

Where did time go?

1,460 days at a place you knew you would like but never knew you’d love. My experience at Babson has been nothing short of absolutely amazing and nowhere near what I expected. I came in as a freshman excited to start the 4 year journey that would be college career. My dad and I landed…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

MCFE: Make Consulting Fun and Enlightening

This post was written by Elena Ruan ’14, CCD Peer Career Ambassador. “What do you think of MCFE? Is it easy? Should I take it if I want a chill semester?” These are the kinds of questions that I get about MCFE informally. Many people think of MCFE as another class to check off the…

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Sophan Smith

Interested? Apply Now.

This happens quite a lot, you see an interesting job opening and you want to apply but you have several obstacles in your way. Oh it’s midterm week, you have social events to attend to or….. you figured, that you wait until the due date since you have another two weeks before you get started…

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“Study Away” in San Francisco!

Babson has introduced a new “study away” program to begin this fall. Twenty-five students will be traveling to San Francisco for a semester to study the tech start up environment there. San Francisco is a hot bed for Tech Entrepreneurship, and home to a Babson campus. Babson has appropriately identified this opportunity to further students’…

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Brenda Kostyk

The BIG “E” – Big Company Entrepreneurship

So far this semester, I’ve blogged on a variety of topics related to new ventures.  For those who aren’t interested (or at least not yet!) in launching their own gig; there are boundless entrepreneurial opportunities within existing ventures, such as start-ups, small businesses, or large companies.  To start, let’s talk about the BIG “E” —  Big…

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Sophan Smith

Why Create a LinkedIn Page?

I know today is Friday and Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you’re probably more concerned about how to pack up the leftovers and watching football while relaxing on the couch…. but the downtime is the perfect time to get yourself ready for spring recruiting season. Let’s talk about LinkedIn. With all the social…

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Sophan Smith

Which is the salad fork?

Let’s talk about the importance of business etiquette….. if you don’t know some of the basics, it can ruin your chances of getting hired! While it’s important to study for a job interview and know your top strengths, it’s just as important to understand all of the other elements that recruiters and hiring managers are…

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Caroline Hayes

How to Begin your Internship Search!

How do I get started with my internship search? Many students over the past couple of weeks have come into the office and simply asked “How do I get started with my internship search”?  Since many of you reading this blog could be asking the very same question, I thought I would give you a…

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