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Emily Besen

Peace Corps to Entrepreneurial Career: What’s the connection?

“Once you have hitchhiked across Africa with ten bucks in your pocket, starting a business doesn’t seem too intimidating.” So said Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings when asked about how his experience in the Peace Corps influenced his career. Reed Hastings is just one example of the many Peace Corps volunteers who recall the experience…

Jamie Rappoport

All Good Things Must Come to an End

1460 days. It is hard to believe that this is how long I have been at Babson! It began on a rainy Friday afternoon in April, when I left an Admitted Student Day event and placed down my deposit for my spot in the Class of 2014. Despite the gloomy weather, I had this glowing…

Hannah Moriggi

“The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.”

Reporting to you LIVE from Red Bank, New Jersey! Before heading out on the road for travel, several colleagues told me that some high schools give “goodie bags” to visiting Admission Counselors. Immediately I felt a wave of nostalgia for my elementary school days when we all used to receive goodie bags before leaving birthday…