Brenda Kostyk

Mid-Semester Recalibration

  Over this brisk Columbus Day weekend, my family and I escaped to the Maine woods – our treasured place to unplug, reconnect, and let the Maine outdoors do its magic.  As I wake up to chilly temperatures this morning, and look out across the pond to rust oranges, muted yellows, and spiked evergreens, summer…

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Be Yourself

It is hard to believe I am already a month into senior year at Babson! I am excited to get started on the job search, make lasting memories with my friends and make the most of my last year at Babson. I feel very empowered by my friends, faculty and staff here at Babson to…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

How to make your club involvement meaningful

This post was written by Jacob Vick ’15, CCD Peer Career Ambassador. I knew right when I started at Babson my first year that I needed to go out and get more involved on campus but I wasn’t really sure how to go about it or what the real opportunities were. I’ve had an amazing experience…

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Brenda Kostyk

Meeting of the Minds — Engineering & Business

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with the student leadership teams of Babson’s eTower and Olin’s Foundry, along with the Blank Center’s Cindy Klein-Marmer and Olin’s Suzanne Alcott.  Wow, what a group!  What entrepreneurial energy!    (And, if you haven’t checked out Olin’s campus center — its a great space with scrumptious food…

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Michelle Lederhos

Accounting Industry Spotlight- kicks off CCD recruiting season

Recent grads… remember running around night after night during the recruiting season to hear the beginning or end of an employer info session before heading off to a group meeting for class?!  You had to be there to support your job search, but needed to put the final touches on a group presentation… those days…

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Brian Hickey

Connect with the Boston Business Community!

I am excited to tell you about some great opportunities through a unique organization known as Greenhorn Connect. Greenhorn Connect helps build connections within the Boston entrepreneur ecosystem. The organization is working hard to engage students and provide opportunities for future entrepreneurs. You won’t want to miss the Student Dinners and the Greenhorn Summit. Student…

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Jacob Vick

Avoiding the Last Week Distraction

While the end may be in sight for many of us in our last week of a summer internship, don’t let the approaching date distract you from the remaining opportunities to take advantage of. This last week is a perfect chance to reach out and give a real sense of urgency to those you wished…

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Jacob Vick

Your education isn’t over at graduation

While some of us may be only a few years from completing our formal education career, that by no means that your training and education is anywhere near completion. Some companies may take continuous formal training and education less seriously, but many will look to find employees who are willing to constantly learn new things…

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Rebecca Jacobs

What NOT To Do – A Guide To Business Planning

Welcome to my second blog for Babson College’s Undergraduate Center for Career Development! If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out my first blog for a brief introduction to my social journey with SoJo this summer! My time at SoJo has been fantastic! I have had the opportunity to work on a diversity of projects as the…

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Jacob Vick

It’s not all about the MD’s

When I was first introduced to the concept of “networking” the goal of it all seemed pretty straightforward. Talk to people you don’t know and have never met before. Get them to know who you are and have a positive opinion about you. All done in order to land one of those coveted positions at…

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