Fall into Championships

It is hard to believe November 1st is just around the corner! Leaves are falling and the air is getting a bit crisper with fall really taking its place at Babson. With fall also comes championship season for Babson Athletics. This year has been quite impressive for our athletics program, with volleyball securing the NEWMAC…

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Brian Hickey

Getting to Know Babson’s Dean Ward

Babson College continues to attract talented and innovative leaders, with the addition of Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Lawrence Ward.  According to the Babson profile, Dean Ward’s role “provides strategic direction and senior management for a range of programs, services, and systems that support students’ academic, social, intellectual, and cultural development…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

How to make your club involvement meaningful

This post was written by Jacob Vick ’15, CCD Peer Career Ambassador. I knew right when I started at Babson my first year that I needed to go out and get more involved on campus but I wasn’t really sure how to go about it or what the real opportunities were. I’ve had an amazing experience…

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Brian Hickey

Tips for the Class of 2018

Babson is buzzing again as students return to campus. With athletes already back on campus training, incoming first years starting their Babson experience at the end of this week, and upperclassmen returning in a week, campus will soon be back in full swing. As the Class of 2018 embarks on their Babson journey, I caught…

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Brian Hickey

Eager Beavers: Class of 2018 Ready to Join Babson

With orientation just two months away, Babson’s Class of 2018 will soon be joining the Babson community.  This group of students brings unique qualities and experiences to the campus with its diversity in background, interests, culture and geographic origin. College brings so many new opportunities– academic, social, extracurricular, and beyond – and it is a very…

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Hannah Moriggi

Springing Back into Travel

It’s that time of year again! Our counseling staff is back out on the road as we start to work with high school juniors – potential members of the Babson 2019! Where are we around the country and around the world you ask? Well, let’s take a peek. This spring Babson is visiting the following…

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Meghan Rowledge

Purple Walls

As I sit in a half packed room, I’m starting to realize how much has really happened in here throughout the year. You don’t really think about it when you are living in your room, but those 4 walls have seen it all.  They have seen some of my best days, like the day I got the…

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Senior Year Bucket List

When you are trying to figure out the future it is easy to get caught up in what is coming next and miss what is passing right in front of you. A friend of mine in high school wisely said: though it is important to not drive while looking in the rearview mirror, it is…

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Rahul Daryanani

Where did time go?

1,460 days at a place you knew you would like but never knew you’d love. My experience at Babson has been nothing short of absolutely amazing and nowhere near what I expected. I came in as a freshman excited to start the 4 year journey that would be college career. My dad and I landed…

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Tommaso Canetta

Tommaso’s 7-Day: Spring Travel to Spring Concert

It’s hard to believe but the final week of the spring semester is already here. Students will have their last day of class Wednesday and then finals will be all that stands between them and the summer break! There has been a lot of activity on campus these last few weeks as students make the…

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