Hannah Moriggi

President Healey Takes Babson168 Global

Three months ago at Babson168, the entire campus and community celebrated admitted students by bringing the Class of 2018 to campus. Throughout the course of the day, admitted students and families explored the many ways you can define your Babson experience. Each week at Babson is made up of 168 hour sand many of our…

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Prepping for Back to School and BackPackAthon!

Beginning mid-summer, so right about now, Cradles to Crayons begins its prep for Back to School. This means that the items that we are requesting for most are school supplies or arts and crafts items. Along with clothing, school supplies are extremely important for children when returning back to school in September. Throughout the summer,…

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Ari Markowitz

Life in a War Zone – Growth is Mandatory

Living in Israel has become a balancing act of personal safety and adoption for the Israeli blasé attitude of life as normal during a near outbreak of war. Can you imagine what it is like to be living and working in an area being inundated with rockets daily? Unfortunately I am experiencing that reality on…

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Emily Levy

When Operation Protective Edge Becomes A Reality

My favorite part of my week is exploring Haifa at night with my roommate Liza and her boyfriend Yanay, who is currently serving in the Navy for the IDF.  We walk around the back streets of Haifa conversing freely about anything from our favorite type of popsicles to Operation Protective Edge. I am lucky to…

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David Hines

Arrival in Arusha

My name is David Hines. I have just arrived in Arusha, Tanzania to participate in the International Development Design Summit (IDDS) organized by MIT and USAID. As a participant, I will spend 5-weeks working on a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural team. Through a process of user observations, idea generation, and prototype development and refinement, my team will…

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MinJoon Choi

Not the work you expected?

I’m sure this is a common experience to college students doing a summer internship.”I expected to do this and this…. going into the internship. But I’m doing something completely different. I hate my job.” Okay, maybe people don’t say the last part, but I have seen many students express their frustration about this topic. Well,…

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Molly Ronan

Reaching Out Beyond Your Internship

If you are interning at a small company, you meet and know everyone pretty quickly. It can almost feel like you’re trapped in a bubble. At least that is the case for me. If this is the case – don’t feel trapped! Go and try to meet other people in your industry around the city.…

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Preparing for the Boston Common

Hi, my name is Katelyn and I am the Assistant Front of House Manager for Commonwealth Shakespeare Company‘s production of Free Shakespeare on the Common.  My internship with this non-profit theatre company initially began in February;  I was their Development Intern.  Theatre has been a passion of mine since I can remember, but I had…

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MinJoon Choi

After a month

So it has been almost 1.5 months since I have started my internship in the beginning of June, and I have 2 weeks left. Since so many things have been happening, I would like to focus on small parts. I will begin with a little introduction. What am I doing? I work as an Investment…

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Jacob Vick

Why 40 Hours a Week can be better than 16 Credit Hours

While our class times may be set, we all have experienced the unpredictability of what your workload for the week could be from your classes. But now that its summer internship season this is your chance to use some of that predictability in a full time schedule to your advantage. I know I have used this new set…

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