Courtney Minden

Driven to Distraction

Happy Friday! Has anyone else had trouble concentrating today? Judging from my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the interwebs  are exploding with anticipation over the final push to release decisions at schools across the country.  While intellectually we know that we should all focus on work and school, the knowledge that something may be waiting in…

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Brenda Kostyk

ENTREPRENEURS — April is Here . . . The Time is Now!

Interested in launching your own business or working for a start-up?  APRIL APPLICATION DEADLINES ARE FAST APPROACHING! TONIGHT @ MIDNIGHT, March 28 Junior and Senior Trek to Cambridge Innovation Center – On April 11, CCD will take a small group of juniors and seniors to the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) – one of the most heralded entrepreneurial ecosystems in…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

Spring Break or Career Catastrophe?

This post was written by Elena Ruan ’14, CCD Peer Career Ambassador. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter – whatever your chosen social media poison is, the message is usually the same. Spring Break is the time to travel to some place tropical or adventurous. With a big group or as an intimate pair, you want to…

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Caroline Hayes

Finance hiring is not over!

I have been meeting with many students over the past couple of weeks who come into the office and say “I know finance recruiting is over so I am not expecting to find a finance internship at this point”.  My first response to these students is that it’s not over!  Certainly, there are specific areas…

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Brian Hickey

CGIU 2014: Takeaways for Making an Impact

Over 1,000 college students converged on Arizona State University this past weekend with a simple goal: a commitment to make a difference. It was time for the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative University Conference and the students in attendance were from all fifty states and over eighty countries. Babson College students were fortunate to be included…

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Hannah Moriggi

Spring Over to Babson

This Saturday will mark the first of four Preview Days to be held in March/April which allow prospective students and families to experience the many facets of Babson. Program elements include: Undergraduate Admission Overview, Foundation of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) Presentation, Student Panel, and Campus Tour. The first Preview Day will feature FME business Envoscrubs - a…

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Peer Career Ambassadors

MCFE: Make Consulting Fun and Enlightening

This post was written by Elena Ruan ’14, CCD Peer Career Ambassador. “What do you think of MCFE? Is it easy? Should I take it if I want a chill semester?” These are the kinds of questions that I get about MCFE informally. Many people think of MCFE as another class to check off the…

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Sophan Smith

Interested? Apply Now.

This happens quite a lot, you see an interesting job opening and you want to apply but you have several obstacles in your way. Oh it’s midterm week, you have social events to attend to or….. you figured, that you wait until the due date since you have another two weeks before you get started…

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Tommaso Canetta

Tommaso’s 7-Day: Spring Break

As we kick off another week here at Babson, it’s great to have our students back from Spring Break. Babson students spent their break all over the country and the world; whether they were taking electives abroad, competing with their teams, visiting family, enjoying a well-deserved vacation, or remaining on campus, there was definitely a…

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Meghan Rowledge


College is considered a time when you are supposed to discover yourself. Who am I? Who do I want to be? These questions are constantly running through students minds, including myself. However, it is very easy for us to lose sight of who we are or who we want to be, when society has labels…

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