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Johnny Bui

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Career In Real Estate

My journey into real estate started not that long ago in the summer of 2018, when I was required to take the Massachusetts Real Estate exam. In order to begin my internship at Boston City Properties, I had to have my Real Estate License in order to send, receive, and interact with clients entering the…

Johnny Bui

Time Management: Stay True, Stay You

Time management is being able to allocate your time effectively to spend on specific activities while also taking care of yourself. Done correctly, this would allow you to complete more, lower fatigue, and increase productivity. At LearnLux, there are always multiple projects that I have to juggle, which I find as a perk. I usually…

Johnny Bui

Luck is Preparedness Met Opportunity

Like many others during the beginning of the fall semester, my nights were spent looking for my next big opportunity for the summer. “The summer before your senior year is the most important!” They tell you. But I was ready and I was eager. After all, I didn’t transfer into Babson to be mediocre. My…