Undergraduate Blog / Author: Austin Fabel

Austin Fabel

The Big Switch

Farewell Stetson Real Estate; hello Greiner-Maltz. In an unbelievable – and unexpected – change of events, I was granted the privilege and opportunity to join a firm in the commercial real estate sector. My true calling. Following a one-month tenure of utilizing quantitative metrics to value residential properties, I have now begun to gain complementary…

Austin Fabel

From Field to Office

I believe there is a direct correlation between participating in college athletics and the impact it can have on internships when coupled with learnings gained in the classroom. While it is undoubtedly true that I have begun to put my academic skills to great use as a Summer Valuation Analyst, it is the lessons, experiences,…

Austin Fabel

The Beginning to My Journey

The first week is in the books; more specifically, my internship experience at Stetson Real Estate (http://www.stetsonrealestate.com/) is officially underway. Titled as a Summer Valuation Analyst, my overall responsibility is to build financial and graphical models in order to quantitatively assess the value of residential and commercial properties throughout Westchester County, New York. Over the…