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How to Handle a Business Convention

I recently had the opportunity to attend my first ever business convention as part of a company’s team. Here are a few hints and tips I picked up for how to prepare, what to do, and what to bring.

  1. Know why you’re there

These conventions cost money to attend so be sure to understand if you’re there to sell, to network, or to buy.

  1. Know who else is there

Knowing what other companies are going to be there allows you to perform background research for the purpose of networking and discussing company’s situations with others at the convention

  1. Understand the dress code

Typically your team will discuss what you all plan on wearing before the big day but if for some reason you don’t, be sure to clarify.

  1. Bring business cards

You’re going to be meeting a lot of people form the same industry there so it is a great opportunity to network for both yourself and the company.

  1. Talk to everyone

You never know who may be the person you talk to that changes everything for you or the company so be sure to meet as many people as possible.

  1. Observe others

This is an opportunity to be up close with the competition. Take advantage by observing how they are doing things or talking to them about any struggles they are having as they may be insightful on what to do to avoid them yourself.

  1. Bring a notepad

You never know when you may have conversation or hear something you want to write down. A notepad is a great way to take notes and not be on your phone while someone is talking.

  1. Follow up

Many people go out and network and then fail to follow up and the relationship dies. Following up is a key way to stay in communication and foster the relationships you formed past the convention.