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Building a Strong Company Culture

Companies can go many different routes when choosing their culture. It can be cut throat, relaxed, or some in-between. What works for one company may not work for another so it is important to find the right mix. With all the work to do around a startup it is important to remember to take a break and have a good time. The ability to have fun with one’s coworkers is important to building a work environment where everyone wants to work. Sometime the work that needs to be done seems never ending and can really wear on the employees. It is important to motivate workers to come to work early and stay late when in a startup and it all starts with the culture

The company culture is typically set form the top. Within my startup, the CEO is extremely personable and is always inviting everyone out to eat and to go do activities that aren’t work related. This makes it seem as if I am working with my friends because I am. I work with these people. I hang out with these people. And I accomplish things with these people. This makes it seems that spending an extra hour at work isn’t a task at all and creates no ill will between employees. This company culture is taken into account with every decision the CEO makes including that of hiring others.

Once the culture is set, everybody who the company hires has to be a good fit for the culture. This is important to make every single person enjoy working with everyone else and to not create an other in the work place. Knowing every other employee on a personal level allows you to understand the way they work and think better. This allows for a more productive workforce which can possible be a competitive advantage for the company. Overall the company culture could be one aspect which drives the success of the company.