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3 Keys to Reaching Out

Throughout my internship, I have been asked to reach out to many professionals on behalf of the company. At the beginning on my internship it was stressed to me how important the way in which I present myself is when reaching out as I am a representative of the company. The more I contacted others companies and professionals in order to create and develop relationships the more important the way I presented myself became. Below I will outline what I feel are the three most important aspects of reaching out.

  1. Professionalism

Professionalism is partly what gets your foot in the door. By displaying oneself as a professional, the inquiry is taken more seriously and attracts the attention of who you are reaching out to. The best ways to display this professionalism through email is by having a strong title to the email which contains words such as partnership or opportunity that attract attention. Formal writing must also be used in order to come across as serious which includes thanking the professional for their time at the end of the email.

  1. Timeliness

The amount of time it takes to return an email is very insightful to the organization level the company has as well as their priorities. This makes it extremely important to respond immediately if you receive an email back form a professional you are attempting to network with. It shows them you value their time and prioritize them over other tasks. By simply waiting a day or two to respond, you may miss out on what could have been a great opportunity for the company.

  1. Mutual Benefit

One key aspect of networking which is not emphasized enough is that of a mutually beneficial relationship. Both parties should gain some benefit out of the relationship. If only one party is benefiting, the relationship will be one sided and likely end. This means that when reaching out, it is important to not just ask for something but also find a way to display what you have to offer. In my case, I was able to this by offering partnerships in which we would diversify their product mix and they would help us by expanding our number of clients. This relationship benefits both sides which is why it will stay in place for years to come.