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Making a Difficult Decision

When I began applying for internships, I had thought the chances were highly unlikely that I would find one, so I applied to as many as possible. I was lucky enough to get two offers, which left me torn. Within the same week I heard back from Shoedazzle, I applied for an internship with a company which I had done an externship with during my winter break. When I applied to Shoedazzle I heard back from the Senior Buyer within two days of applying, we did a phone call interview where I learned it was unpaid. When I let her know that I needed confirmation soon to be able to apply for Babson’s Intern Sponsorship Award, she offered me the job on the spot and we moved forward. That same week I was contacted by the marketing company which I had done the externship with, which was a paid internship. When I interviewed with them, they said they would let me know within the next two weeks. After receiving the sponsorship from Babson and not hearing back from the marketing firm, I reached back out but they did not get back to me until a week after I had started the internship with TechStyle.

During the inbetween time of hearing back from Babson and the marketing firm, I was very nervous, but I could not be more happy at my current internship. The amount I have already learned within the first few weeks has been the best experience I could have hoped for. My role is to do the weekly and monthly sales reports for JustFab and Shoedazzle, along with other tasks that change per week. I also have been able to sit in on sales and design meetings.