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Internship Fair 2013


Hello again!

I have to share a very interesting experience with you all. Last month Babson hosted its annual internship fair where¬†numerous¬†companies set up tables at Knight Auditorium and answered questions and introduced internship ventures. As a first-year student I didn’t really think I would get any attention from the companies since I’ve only been at¬†Babson for¬†one semester. Nonetheless, I still attended ¬†the fair because it’s never too late to start making connections. I learned a few things form my experience at the fair. ¬†I learned that you should always have a resume on hand. I learned that even if you are ¬†a freshman it’s good to start a relationship with recruiters early; they may contact you in the future for career¬†opportunities. ¬†Although some companies gave me the cold shoulder once they discovered I was only a first year student, some companies took my resume and continued to maintain a conversation with me. I knew that business could lead to many careers but I was oblivious to how many different career fields are available to business majors. The internship just allowed me to continue to think about what I would like to concentrate in or do after I graduate Babson. I am just glad to know that I have an abundance of options and resources.

So, no I didn’t get an full time job offer from a fortune 500 company as a first year student . However, I did learn that with all of the resources I have here at Babson, it is definitely possible after graduation ( or during my sophomore year ūüėÄ ).