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It’s not everyday that prospective students have the opportunity to sit down and chat with an Undergraduate Admission Director, so here at Babson we pulled out our brainstorming hats, put them on and got thinking…why don’t we bring our Director, Courtney Minden, to you?

So we did! You can catch the FULL recap here: #babsonchat.

The live chat occurred earlier this week on Monday, December 3rd from 7:30 – 8:30 P.M. EST, as Director of Undergraduate Admission Courtney Minden held a Twitter Chat between @BabsonAdmission and prospective students interested in learning more about the Babson Admission Process. Courtney fielded all types of questions including those related to decision release dates, SAT scores, interviews, concentrations, internships, etc. Even some of our alumni and current students jumped into the conversation, making for an even better experience! Here’s a sample below!

Stay tuned for more incredible opportunities to chat with the one and the only:

Babson Undergraduate Admission Staff.