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Only You Can DEFINE YOU!

So you’ve submitted your application to Babson and are asking yourself, “What’s next?” Well folks, I have your answer – Babson’s new micro-site DEFINE YOU.

As a part of this new micro-site designed specifically and exclusively for Babson Applicants, we provide you with the opportunity to meet and also connect with potential future classmates. All applicants should receive log-in credentials within 24-hours of applying to Babson and can use these credentials on My Babson Portal to log-in and create a profile for the DEFINE YOU site. As part of your profile, we ask you to share who inspires you, as well as your interests, activities and hobbies in order for applicants to start conversations with one another based on similar interests. Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and DEFINE YOU!

 What defines YOU? Is it your passions, your talents, your goals? Babson is where the YOU you envision becomes a remarkable reality. Starting now, you can begin to define YOU and your Babson experience. Connect with your future classmates and learn more about cultivating your interests at Babson.

It’s time to DEFINE YOU.