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What Happens Once I Hit SUBMIT?

Now that you’ve tackled your fear and hit that dreaded submit button, your Early Babson Application is officially out of your hands and in ours. So what’s next? What actually happens after you press submit? Let’s find out.

How do you read applications?

In this day and age of technology, we are happy to say that our office reads applications completely online. Not only does this contribute to sustainability efforts, but instead of lugging files upon files into our office, home or to a Starbucks, all we need is our laptop and we’re golden! And if we are in the office reading, we have the luxury of the oh-so-handy double monitor setup so that we can have an application open on one screen, while the rating sheet is on the other. Believe me, it’s wonderfully convenient.

Admission Interns hard at work!

How are the documents processed? In other words, how does my file get created?

Today’s Mail!

Great question. There are two ways this can occur. Some students and schools prefer to mail in hard copies of applications, transcripts, recommendations, etc. to campus. If this is the case, the student’s name will be searched in the system, their internal ID# located and the documents will be electronically scanned into the correct file.

Each day I walk downstairs to the Garden Level of Lunder and see stacks of documents ready and waiting to be implemented into student files. Luckily we have a great Operations Team and Interns to make this process so flawless. The other option would be to send your documents electronically. If your high school uses Naviance and you are applying with the Common App. documents can be sent directly to us using Naviance. If using the Babson Application, other methods include SENDedu or Docufide. It is always best to chat with your counselor to understand which method is typically used given your individual circumstances.


When does my application actually get read?

Once an application is complete, it is ready to READ! That means we have received:

As always, we welcome questions! If there is any part of the application process you don’t quite understand, let us know (leave me a comment!).

We are here to help!