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Important Early Application Update

Although it has been over a week now since Hurricane Sandy laid her hands on the East Coast, the Babson College community understands that many residents, especially those in the NY, NJ & CT areas, are still dealing with the severe impact of the storm including power outages, gas shortages, flooding and home damage just to name a few. First and foremost it is our hope that you, your family and loved ones are safe and out of harm’s way. Please know that you are in our thoughts!

Additionally, we understand that many high school seniors were in the midst of sending out their Early Applications when the hurricane hit. As a result, we would like to offer a further extension to all Babson Early Applicants affected by the storm. Please see below for the most up-to-date guidelines for how to proceed with your ED/EA Babson Application:

1. Babson College will extend the Early Decision/Early Action deadline for students affected by the storm until 11:59 PM on Friday, November 9th.  Students unable to meet this deadline should contact The Office of Undergraduate Admission at 800-488-3696 or 781-239-5522. Should any students need a further extension, we are pleased to work with you on a case-by-case basis. If you have been referring to the Common App Website as a resource for deadline updates, please note that the site will not reflect this additional extension, but it is in effect immediately.

2. A note regarding the November SAT: College Board announced last week that administration of the SAT for Saturday, November 3rd has been postponed in some areas affected by the storm until Saturday, November 17th; therefore, these scores will not be received by Babson in time for our decision process. That being said, in most cases the November SAT scores would not be received in time for our admission process anyway (regardless of the postponement) simply based on the timeline in which we review applications at Babson.


Please contact us with any questions.


Best Wishes,

Babson Undergraduate Admission