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Babson Throwback: FME 1985

The 21st century is all about the here, the now and the new. We are always thinking about tomorrow, often before today is even over. Take Babson’s Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) for example. In this 7-credit, yearlong immersion course in business, students create a company, choose a target market and sell their product. As students brainstorm ideas, not only must they reflect on the latest trends, but they must also keep in mind the direction the world will go next. What will consumers desire? What will society need? How can we create it?

Tomorrow really does belong to the entrepreneur, to the innovator – to you and me. But sometimes  I wish the world would just stop and breathe. I wish the world would just take a moment to think about how the things we cannot imagine living without, came to be in the first place.

While completing my last round of interviews this week, I met a young woman who grew up hearing about Babson her whole life. Her father is a Babson Alum and wanted her to bring a piece of “his Babson” with her to the interview. Just as we were concluding, she pulled out this green Babson cup with her father’s company branded on the rim, along with his initials. This was a sample of the father’s FME product from 1985! This was a really neat experience for me! Considering that I am just starting my career at Babson and only know about FME as it stands today, along with the changes coming soon to FME, it was enlightening to take a trip into the past and see an FME product from almost 30 years ago! This is where FME came from, and this cup serves as a building block for where FME is going next! I also got to keep the cup and take this FME treasure with me, as a reminder that everything has a past in order to have a future.

For a full explanation of the changes in Babson’s signature program, check out this latest article: Refreshing a Signature Program.

Country Club Enterprizes 1985

Country Club Enterprizes 1985