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Admission Interview Advice (Part #2)

Late this afternoon while waiting to be escorted to the Guidance Office at Watchung Hills Regional High School (Warren, NJ), I came across this quote hanging on the bulletin board in the Main Office. Take a minute to read some fine words by a man named Charles Swindoll.

Every time I come across a quote, my inner philosopher awakens, and searches for a way to apply the message to my life. Today was no different and so I searched for a way to apply the simple words on the board to my life. Well what do you know? I immediately thought of my blog series on the Admission Interview and realized the connection was fitting. Here are my thoughts…

Attitude is both a simple and powerful element of life that has an incredible impact on all that we do. It can lead to our biggest successes, or our most heartbreaking failures. Overall, others can learn a lot about us by interpreting our attitude and this evaluation can certainly be applied to interviews in any capacity. Swindoll is correct when he says that attitude is something each of us has control over and we should use it to our advantage; therefore, if you do nothing else in an Admission Interview, walk through the doors with a positive attitude because it very well could make or break your interview. It makes a big difference when our staff can tell you want to be there to share your story with us. Always be aware of the impression you making and take charge of your attitude – it’s yours and only yours, so own it.

In addition to your attitude, a great indicator of your interest in Babson is often the questions you pose as well. Questions should be thoughtful and well-prepared. I suggest coming to your interview with 2-3 questions related to aspects of the college experience that matter most to you. Here are some examples of general questions that I’ve heard and others which might be worthwhile to ask:

  • What is the Freshman Retention Rate?
  • If my family demonstrates need on a FAFSA or CSS Profile, what percentage of this need will typically be met?
  • Will I have any academic advising?
  • Is campus housing guaranteed each year?
  • Are students going home on the weekends or remaining on campus?
  • What are some typical weekend activities?
  • Will all my classes be taught by professors?
  • What percentage of students study abroad? What programs do you offer?
  • How would you describe your student body?
  • What makes business at Babson different from anywhere else?

**Stay tuned for Part #3 of this Admission Interview Advice Series. NEXT UP: Questions that might be asked OF you.**