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Admission Interview Advice (Part #1)

Over the next few weeks, the Office of Undergraduate Admission here at Babson will be buzzing with interviews as high school seniors work to narrow down their top choice schools. Our busy schedule is a great sign which indicates that Babson resides at the top of many lists! Babson does not require interviews because our staff understands that not everyone is able to schedule one; however, we will be offering interviews until November 16th, 2012 for students applying to Babson for Fall 2013.

Interviews are a fantastic opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with an admission counselor in our office or student admission intern. Our goal is to have a member of our staff get to know you personally before you submit your application. You may be nervous if Babson will be your first college interview, or perhaps you feel at ease if you’ve completed a few already; either way, you’re up for some advice right? That’s what I thought. Check out some of my preparation tips below:

1. Dress in a manner that allows you to put your best foot forward. You only get one first impression – make it count!

2. Be prompt. Call ahead to schedule an appointment at 800-488-3696 or at 781-239-5522. Make your best effort to arrive early for the interview.

3. Be prepared. Do your research in advance, and come equipped with your own questions.

4. Be friendly, inquisitive, and interested but above all…be yourself.

5. Take a campus tour or attend an information session during your campus visit, preferably before your interview if possible. This will provide you with a solid foundation of Babson’s mission, curriculum, campus life, etc.

6. Talk to current Babson students! They are the best resource for prospective students because they are living and breathing Babson here and now! Chat with our student admission interns, tour guides, or students you encounter in the campus center, bookstore, dining hall, etc.

7. Don’t leave your voice at home! Be ready to volunteer information about yourself. The interview is designed for our staff to learn more about you, so don’t hesitate to be vocal. We look forward to colorful conversations and hope that we won’t be doing all of the talking!

**Stay tuned for Part #2 of this Admission Interview Advice Series. NEXT UP: Questions YOU should ask during the interview.**