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Beep, Beep, Beep

Usually when I come into the office on Fridays, I feel fully refreshed and ready to work. However, this morning at about six am, I was awoken to a sound that was piercing my ears. I rolled out of bed only to realize that this was not my alarm for work. Rather it was a fire alarm. Unfortunately, Fridays are the only days I get to sleep in all week. So with a disappointed face I jumped up, threw on a warm sweater and shoes, and trudged my way outside of my residence hall into the rain. Babson’s Public Safety arrived within a few seconds to make sure students were safe as the fire department was on its way. About fifteen minutes later, the building had been searched and we were cleared to go back to sleep.

Now I sit here at work, staying energized from a delicious cup of coffee from Babson’s cute little coffee shop, Jazzman’s. I am so appreciative of Babson Public Safety, the Wellesley Fire Department, and last but not least my warm cup of coffee! Hope everyone has a great weekend!