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Babson in Your Backyard

As I was leaving the beautiful Rivers School campus this afternoon in Weston, MA I was struck by the sight of an adorable little side street called “Beaver Road.” Since I had just finished speaking with a group of prospective student-athletes about the Babson Beaver Pride, I was just so enamored by my discovery. Yes, I even pulled over and snapped a quick photo for proof; I appreciate the little things that make days on the road extra exciting! Now, of course this road doesn’t ACTUALLY have any relation to Babson, but I NATURALLY created some. I think this discovery also calls for a few minutes of reflection.

Beaver Road – Weston, MA

During my week of Massachusetts Travel, I have discovered not only a Beaver Road in Weston, MA but “roads” connecting students from all over Massachusetts to Babson in a variety of different ways. Here are some things I’ve heard:

  • “My parents met at Babson. It’s all I’ve heard about growing up – that I would experience it someday too.”
  • “My sister graduated from Babson and while she was there, she never wanted to come home.”
  • “My uncle just finished his MBA at Babson. He’s brought me to campus before.”
  • “I drove by Babson once, on accident really, and then found myself driving through campus, touring and loving what I saw.”

We often ignore some of the most valuable things in life that are just around the corner, or in our backyard. That’s life. It happens to all of us. The best thing you can do is avoid ruling out roads previously built for you or connections you’ve already created, but mistakenly overlooked. Always weigh all of your options, even those close to home. What am I really trying to get at here? For those prospective students living in Massachusetts or somewhere nearby who say, ” No way, I’m not considering Babson, it’s way too close,” please think again. We just might be everything you were ever looking for in a business education. Sign-up for one of our upcoming Preview Days this fall and don’t be surprised if you fall in love with Babson…and that short car ride too.